Updating for the Sake of Updating

It's been a while, moved from the Chicago area out to the East coast. Still working in banking, taking classes, getting ready to buy my first place. Busy, busy!


Is No News Really Good News?

Well, a lot has happened since the last time I posted. Since most of you who read this know what's been going on, I won't bore you with the details. I will say that once I find my stinking camera, I will take pictures of the house, inside and out, so that those of you reading from afar can see the new abode!
All I've really been doing the last few months is applying for a LOT of jobs, interviewing for a few, cooking almost every night, babysitting the dogs every day, spending time with the sis and the nerph, driving the other sis to and from nyc to visit us, and working on my two courses at Penn State. I'm hoping I will have some fabulous news early next week on the job front, I'll be making phone calls and facebook status/info changes as soon as I hear, don't worry. The bright spot, other than getting to see the nerph a lot more, is the sizable tax return I got from our fantastic federal government last week. It really made me and my shrinking bank account very happy!
I'm doubting anyone will read this since I'm slightly less than consistent about updating, but if you happen to stumble on this post, hi, thanks, and I'll try and make sure you hear from me again soon!


I Want to Hold a Tony...

That's it, just thought you all should know, I want to hold a Tony.

No, really that's it, I have nothing else to say.

Ok, I promise there's nothing else, move along people!


April Showers Bring May Bloggers...

So I totally skipped out on posting in April...my bad! Let's just blame it on all the rain and pollen, I really haven't been myself...
Any-hoo, I went to visit Sydney in March with my fab new haircut and we had a whole lot of fun mixed with a whole lot of relaxation (including sleeping past 10am!!!) which was a whole lot of awesome! She got me into Studio 8H where Saturday Night Live is taped and I had four celebrity sightings and got to walk around the set which completely rocked! It was seriously one of the coolest things ever!
I got to have some cake and hot chocolate from Magnolia Bakery and got to walk around on a Broadway stage. Even though the stage and house were empty when we were there, just the fact that it's a Broadway stage makes it awesome. The night we went to go see Hair, we got to go onstage and dance after curtain call. It was even cooler to look out and see the lights and all the people and hear everyone singing along and clapping their hands. I can totally see why the actors and musicians want to come back every night and perform, the show rocks!
We also went to see West Side Story, which, aside from my run in with Jane Fonda in the lobby, was kind of dissapointing. Between the show order being rearranged, some of the songs being sung in Spanish which I couldn't always understand, the costumes sometimes making it hard to distinguish between a Jet and a Shark, and the teenagers surrounding us talking and being generally innappropriate, it was hard to enjoy the original choreography and awesome voices that were being featured. I'm still glad we went, but I guess I had some seriously high expectations! One upside was that no one broke a leg jumping a fence...sorry Michelle, couldn't help myself!
After I got back from that visit, I've just been working and hanging out. Oh yeah, there was this one day when I turned 24 that I would like to forget. Thanks again Michelle for asking if I was turning 23, that did help. However, I cannot escape the fact that, as the boys at work keep reminding me, I am "almost halfway to 50"! Cheese and rice...
But to cheer me up (well, that's not really the reason, but it makes me feel better so I'm going to keep thinking it) Sydney, Michelle, and AJ are coming for a visit in a week and a half! Yay! Sooo excited! I can't wait to have a real conversation with my nerph, he's such a big boy now! Not such a great listener when I try to talk to him on the phone, so I'm looking forward to some face to face! The other thing I'm excited about is that Sydney and I are going to go visit Grandma who we haven't seen since September!
I am almost done with my financial accounting course. All I have left is the final exam due by midnight this Saturday. As long as I don't completely bomb that exam, I'll have an A. If for some reason I do bomb it (so not happening!) I'll still have a B. Next up, business mathematics and microcomputer accounting. Then I have to find some time to go and test out of a couple courses and I'll have a certificate in clerical accounting and an associates in general studies by the end of the summer. Woo hoo!
Don't expect another post until after all the May visits are over, I'll be too busy being excited and anticipating their arrival to post anything before then!


I <3 my hair...

So after being sick for a week and having my ears plugged up even longer, I can finally hear again! It's so nice to not feel like you've got something stuffed inside your ears that you can't get out! Yay!

I got my hair cut yesterday and chopped about six inches off of the longest layers. I lurve it and it's been a while since I've really loved a haircut! Here's a pic:

Again, I lurve it! It is pretty short, it doesn't even hit my shoulders. It was nice to wake up this morning and not have "crazy hair". It was Fabulous!
O'Malley also got a haricut yesterday and he lost a lot of length too, but in weird places. There's a 4 inch wide stripe on his back that is about 1/2 an inch long and his sides are about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. I don't really understand what this groomer was thinking so I'm glad that I only paid half price since it was his first visit. I'm going to take him to the place that he used to go to from now on. I guess it didn't hurt to try!
I'm dog sitting for the Mezydlo's for a week so I spent the night over there with Lucy who is warming up to me pretty quickly this time. I think it's the bread smeared with peanut butter that's doing it for me. She loves her peanut butter!
Yay for haircuts and extra income! And I get to go visit Sydney next Friday for five days! Well, three whole days and two half, so really four, but still, yay!!!


Let's get ready to Rant

I just spent 20 minutes writing a post and with the stroke of a key it's all gone. So this is my new post.


Not nearly as informative as the original post, but I think it gets the point across, don't you?


Once upon a time, there was an Enchanted Castle...

Having Sydney, Michelle, and AJ visit was soo much fun. I met them after my half day of work on Thursday at Enchanted Castle. I hadn't been there in forever and it was nice to have someone with us that would actually appreciate the crappy prizes you can get with the tickets you win. AJ actually got a pretty cool car with all of our hard-won tickets though. It flips over and goes the other way when it bumps into things. Except the front of couches...then it gets it's front end stuck under the couch...but it's still cool.
Let's see, Friday, what did we do on Friday...
Oh yeah! I can't believe that I almost forgot! I had the stomach flu and laid around in and out (mostly in) of the bathroom Thursday night and all day Friday! That was uber fun! I won't go into any more detail except to inform you that I won't be eating red pasta sauce anytime soon, so yeah.
Saturday, we headed to a couple of stores in the coutlet mall, then went to Chili's where we ordered waay too much food (yay for leftovers!) then headed over to Dad's for a couple of hours of quality nap-less AJ time. He continued practicing for the WWF or whatever they call it these days by body slamming Grandpa and the floor. Good times.
We sent Michelle and AJ home on Sunday and Sydney and I made the rounds during the Super Bowl. The commercials were ok, though the E*Trade baby ad was hysterical! But in the end, who really cares about the Steelers or Cardinals anyway? Not me!
Sydney went back to NYC on Tuesday but we've heard a lot from her since then as she's been busy preparing her taxes! I finished filing mine last week and look forward to the larger than expected deposit that should appear in my bank account this Friday (fingers crossed!) while cursing the fact that I had to pay the state of Illinois $1. It doesn't even matter that it's only $1, I didn't want to pay them on principal. But since I figured if I didn't pay them their $1, they would fine or arrest me on principal, I paid the stinkin' $1. But I didn't enjoy it, so there!
I finished the third chapter in my accounting course before everyone came to visit because I didn't want to have to work on it while they were all here. It was due the day after Sydney left. I tried to hold off doing chapter 4, but I couldn't resist and finished the homework and two quizes last week (it is due this Wednesday) and went ahead and did the first of two exams for the first Unit (chapters 1-4). I have to do the second one but considering I have until next Wednesday and that I missed 3 pts out of 150 on the first one, I'm not in a hurry. I'm thinking of emailing the prof and asking if I can just work at my own pace (aka ahead of the syllabus) and finish the course work early or if that would somehow screw her up. We'll see what she says.
So all in all, things are going well. I'm getting ready to plan a trip to visit Sydney for a long weekend in the next couple of months, yay! I'm glad that (thanks to airline miles!) we've been able to see her so often since she moved out to NYC. That's also a benefit of her job, she has downtime between shows so she can travel without taking extra time off. It makes having less time at the holidays if she's working easier to handle.
Oh, best news yet is that we are officially running on our new hours at work which means NO MORE SUNDAYS!!!! We also close an hour earlier Monday - Thursday and on Saturday we close an hour earlier and open 30 minutes later!!! Woo freaking hoo dudes! Right now I'm super excited. If I start getting less hours because of it, MB's gonna have some issues. And I swear if one more customer sees the new hours and says, "Oh, you were open on Sundays?", I don't know what I'll do, but it will probably cost me my job...